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Custom, game-agnostic Streamote tools for broadcasters

We’re excited to introduce some new Streamote features that allow you to create your own custom voting, betting, and bingo—no matter what you’re streaming! Many of you have told us that you love Streamote’s functionality (no more cluttered Twitch chat!), but wish you could use it for more than just […]

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Proletariat’s Live Streaming Rig

Gordon Ryan

If you haven’t noticed, we like to live stream. A lot. In fact, we’re on Twitch three times each week (possibly four, soon…more on that later). We’ve been doing it since very early in World Zombination’s development history—the first recording I could find in our YouTube archives […]

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How to stream and make YouTube videos from an iPad or mobile device in 3 easy steps

Kristen Mukai

Hey Internet! A big part of how we communicate with players and spread the word about World Zombination is through Twitch and YouTube. We are lucky to have the support of great streamers and YouTubers, as well as connect with players through our own videos. Streaming and […]

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