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Proletariat and Twitch are betting that Stream First will be bigger than VR

Proletariat and Twitch are betting that Stream First will be bigger than VR

For immediate release

Proletariat and Twitch are betting that Stream First Games will be bigger than VR

Streamline, the first game of its genre, is now in closed beta.

Boston MA, August 8, 2016 – Proletariat announced today that their new game, Streamline, is entering closed beta on Steam. The company will be distributing Steam keys to press, fans, live stream broadcasters, and their communities in preparation for an Early Access release later this year.

Streamline is a multiplayer action game for PC that has pushed boundaries of gameplay in the Stream First genre—games that integrate directly with live streaming platforms like Twitch. Streamline uses the Twitch platform to connect players and live broadcasters with their viewers, creating a completely new entertainment experience.

Streamline also represents this idea thematically. Its bright characters co-opt public spaces to project an augmented reality playspace and collect holographic items, while viewers use a dashboard called “Streamote” to affect the players in real-time, covering the floor with digital lava or adding pixelated concrete shoes to their feet.

The developers of Streamline have spent the past year working with hundreds of Twitch broadcasters including Aureylian, Swiftor, Criken, MinnieMorgan, Pungence, dasMehdi, and their communities to determine which features would be most beneficial to this new experience.

“The most exciting part of this project has been working with the passionate communities that are so hungry for the kind of engaging experiences you can only get from Stream First games,“ said CEO Seth Sivak. “The feedback from our alpha has been critical to improving Streamline and we can’t wait to see what happens in beta.”

Stream First games build off of experiences like Twitch Plays Pokemon and Choice Chamber, but are seamlessly integrated without the need for chat commands. Streamline is the first to bring AAA quality to streaming games and opens the door for live streaming as a platform to change how games are played, watched, and distributed.

The closed beta will include four maps, hundreds of character customization items, and an original soundtrack by Breakmaster Cylinder and Matthew Harwood.


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