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Damon Iannuzzelli

New Units: Meet the Slugger and Chef!

We love adding new units to World Zombination and in upcoming updates, we are going to introduce a slew of new ones for both the Infected and the Survivors. I could reveal all of them, but I’d be ruining the surprise. However, if we can keep this […]

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Gordon Ryan

Our favorite moments from PAX East 2015

What a weekend! PAX East was exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and about a thousand other adjectives that begin with the letter E. This is what it looked like: Our booth got a ton of visitors. And we did a ton of World Zombination demos. And a ton of […]

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Damon Iannuzzelli

A New Challenger Appears!

World Zombination is now POST LAUNCH! So, the game’s done right? Nope. Not at all. We’re just getting started really, and in our upcoming update we’ll be adding the first of many new units to the game! The Horde goes Boom! Given the Infected’s unorthodox mastery of […]

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Mike Soltoff

Under the Re-Skin

With the latest release (last week’s global launch, v3.1), players saw a vastly different look and feel to the World Zombination UI. Almost every screen and UI element has been reworked in some way, ranging from simple visual changes to large-scale layout updates. You’re probably asking why […]

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Kristen Mukai

Looking back on World Zombination

Now that the launch of World Zombination is almost here (February 19, 2015!) we decided to take a look back. I asked the team to say something about their individual experiences. I think I know what our zombies feel like…but in a good way! Over the course […]

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