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Damon Iannuzzelli

Creating the Mythic Units

Maybe you’re already a proud commander of the rarest Survivors and Infected. The rest of us (author included) are still pining after the possibility of deploying new Mythic Units. In our last release (World Zombination 3.5), we added a full roster of powerful Mythic rarity Units—one for […]

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Seth Sivak

Scientific Method and Game Design

Last night I gave a talk at the Boston Post Mortem meetup covering a topic that I think is very important to how Proletariat designs and builds games. The core of the talk walks through three examples of specific features that we built during the development, beta, […]

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Dan Ogles

hxInflate – New Open Source Haxe Serialization Library

  I’m pleased to announce our newest open-source library, hxInflate. This is a Haxe library for serializing and unserializing objects, for the purpose of storing them on disk or in a database. Haxe comes with its own Serializer and Unserializer classes, which are adequate for many tasks. […]

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Sterling Reames

Squidfingers 2.0 (free animation rig)

We’ve been hard at work on all the new units (eight of them!) coming in the impending 3.4 update of World Zombination, and with that release quickly approaching, we thought the best way to celebrate would be to release the newly updated character rig we used to […]

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Dan Ogles

Making Zombies Run (Fast) in Haxe

As we’ve talked about before, we use the Haxe programming language at Proletariat. This allows us to write the same code and translate it to multiple languages: C# in Unity and Javascript for our Node.js servers. One question I often hear from developers when I talk about this […]

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