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Seth Sivak

Seth Sivak twitter

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

Seth began in the industry as a gameplay programmer and has been a product manager, lead designer, and executive producer. Prior to Proletariat, Seth was the Lead Designer on Indiana Jones Adventure World at Zynga Boston. In 2011, he was named one of Game Developer Magazine’s Top 50 Developers and, in 2012, was recognized in Develop Magazine’s 30 under 30 and gave a popular GDC talk. Don’t let the CEO title fool you, Seth still adds value by writing code, even though he seems to be the only team member that is required to do a code review before checking anything in.


Damon Iannuzzelli

Damon Iannuzzelli twitter

Art Director / Co-founder

Damon started as an intern at Turbine working on MMOs and was quickly promoted to Senior Artist. He joined Insomniac Games in 2004 as a Lead Artist where he worked on Resistance: Fall of Man, its sequel, and the Ratchet and Clank titles. Damon returned to the East Coast to join web/social games startup, Conduit Labs, which was acquired by Zynga in 2010. Damon was Art Director on Adventure World, which was lauded for its visuals. When not working on his art, Damon can be found biking around the Charles River, making bawdy remarks, and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”


Jesse Kurlancheek

Jesse Kurlancheek twitter

Design Director / Co-founder

The old man of the team, Jesse’s been making games professionally for 15 years. He was thrown into the deep end as a designer (and occasionally, an engineer) on the first (and later) generations of MMOs at Turbine, then on to the first wave of social games at Conduit Labs, and finally to Zynga Boston, where he worked on a Facebook game Kotaku called “actually pretty good” and was named one of Game Developer Magazine’s Top 50 Developers of 2011. With co-founding Proletariat, he only wants to make you (and sloths) happy, but chances are that if you swear at something in one of our games, it’s probably his fault.


Joe Mukai

Joe Mukai twitter

Director of Engineering / Co-founder

Joe’s engineering career began on Wall Street, but there’s only so much fun that can be found working on financial trading systems (read: none). After many years of having his soul slowly devoured, he sought solace in the warm bosom of gaming and joined Zynga Boston as the Principal Engineer on Adventure World. At Proletariat, Joe’s responsible for copious systems and keeping the team honest both to their code and to their hearts. He’s really excited for the first time he sees a random person on the subway playing one of our games. No, you probably don’t get it; he’s REALLY excited about this.


Dan Ogles

Dan Ogles twitter

Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder

Dan isn’t known for starting small. His first game job involved writing engines (yes, plural) for MMOs at Turbine back in 2001. After a few years, he was off to Harmonix to work on Guitar Hero and Rock Band to help party-goers the world over realize their dreams of being karaoke gods. He continued working on music games by co-founding Counduit Labs, and after Zynga acquired Conduit, he became responsible for the engine that powers CityVille, ChefVille, and most importantly, Adventure World. In his spare time, he makes adventure movies with his son and likes to write new compilers for his own languages to build new engines from scratch, because hey, why not?



Steven Ashley
Senior Environment Artist

Ben Berens
Director of Product

Dan Brakeley
Senior Engineer

Kristen Carter
Senior Character Artist

Adam Conroy
Software Architect

Brett Davis

Rebecca Gray

Josh Hufton
Senior Game Designer

Cardell Kerr
Executive Producer

Sarah LeBlanc
Head of People Operations

David Lennon
Software Architect

Solomon Lutze

Bryan Marshall
Senior Quality Assurance Tester

Tim Miner
Quality Assurance Tester

Paul Murray

Norm Nazaroff
Senior Gameplay Engineer

Jennie Rizzo
Associate Producer

Gordon Ryan
Director of Community

John Sullivan
Senior Engineer

Caleb Wheeler
Quality Assurance Lead

Adolph Wong
Senior Technical Artist

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