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Under the Re-Skin

Mike Soltoff

With the latest release (last week’s global launch, v3.1), players saw a vastly different look and feel to the World Zombination UI. Almost every screen and UI element has been reworked in some way, ranging from simple visual changes to large-scale layout updates. You’re probably asking why […]

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Looking back on World Zombination

Kristen Mukai

Now that the launch of World Zombination is almost here (February 19, 2015!) we decided to take a look back. I asked the team to say something about their individual experiences. I think I know what our zombies feel like…but in a good way! Over the course […]

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And now a word from our sponsors…

Seth Sivak

­­During our weekly Twitch streams, I often get asked where the money to run Proletariat and fund World Zombination comes from. I’m happy to shed light on the topic, as we are lucky to have partnered with excellent investors to close out our Series A round of […]

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Balance, Rebalance, and YOU!

Josh Hufton

So, it’s that time in the game development life cycle where the proverbial poo is beginning to hit the fan. If you’ve been following our various development streams, you’ll know that we’ve been dropping hints that the end is nigh—or should I say the beginning? Yes, it’s […]

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Cutting Room Floor: Harvest Sites on the Map

Kristen Mukai

Cutting Room Floor is a series that gives you a look at what didn’t make it into World Zombination. If you missed the previous post, you can check it out here. Current World Zombination players know that you can collect Rations, Supplies, Brains, and DNA in the […]

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