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Proletariat’s Live Streaming Rig

Gordon Ryan

If you haven’t noticed, we like to live stream. A lot. In fact, we’re on Twitch three times each week (possibly four, soon…more on that later). We’ve been doing it since very early in World Zombination’s development history—the first recording I could find in our YouTube archives […]

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Let’s fight this one Co-Op: my thoughts on online harassment and the responsibilities we have to each other

Most of us participate in development streams here at Proletariat. We do them at the same time every week. We’re working on the same project, using the same stream service, webcam, everything. All things are equal. And we all get trolls. It’s the internet. It’s Twitch. “That’s […]

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We’ll do it live! (adventures in live development streaming)

Hey everyone, I’m Lauren, and I’m an artist here at Proletariat. I’ve done a lot of development live streams for our game World Zombination recently, so I wanted to talk a little about them—why we stream, what my experience with them has been, and how to make […]

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