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How to stream and make YouTube videos from an iPad or mobile device in 3 easy steps

Kristen Mukai

Hey Internet! A big part of how we communicate with players and spread the word about World Zombination is through Twitch and YouTube. We are lucky to have the support of great streamers and YouTubers, as well as connect with players through our own videos. Streaming and […]

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We’ll do it live! (adventures in live development streaming)

Hey everyone, I’m Lauren, and I’m an artist here at Proletariat. I’ve done a lot of development live streams for our game World Zombination recently, so I wanted to talk a little about them—why we stream, what my experience with them has been, and how to make […]

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A Culture of Iteration

The best games come from iteration, but how can we build that into our process and culture? This is something we have worked hard to create at Proletariat and we push every day to foster this culture. Here are three important steps to creating a culture of iteration […]

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Building the Medic

Explaining exactly what I do as a game artist can be a little difficult. Conversations with my family about exactly what I’m doing with my life often go something like this: Them: “So… you draw the little men right?” Me: “Yes, that’s the first step, but I […]

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World Zombination – Prototype #1

Click on the image above or click this link to play the prototype. When we first started discussing World Zombination, we knew two things: We wanted to make a simulation strategy game We wanted the gameplay fun to watch Gameplay that is fun to watch tends to […]

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