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Boston, you’re our home (OR, What it means to be a local company)

Kristen Mukai

Every once and a while, we are asked to give talks or participate in local events at schools, and whenever possible, we are happy to oblige. Not only because it’s fun and the responsible adults there usually have free candy, but as a Boston-based company, we have […]

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World Zombination Tools Roundup

Seth Sivak

TL;DR The Boston Unity Group presentation can be found here Our web-based Unity console tool (CUDLR) is here Our library for using Haxe and Unity (HUGS) can be found here On Tuesday, April 14, Dan Ogles and I gave a talk at the Boston Unity Group monthly […]

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Our favorite moments from PAX East 2015

Gordon Ryan

What a weekend! PAX East was exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and about a thousand other adjectives that begin with the letter E. This is what it looked like: Our booth got a ton of visitors. And we did a ton of World Zombination demos. And a ton of […]

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