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World Zombination Character Rig Postmortem

Sterling Reames

Today, we’re releasing our World Zombination character rig, free to use! Download it by clicking the image above and read on to learn about how we got there. ———— One of our design goals for World Zombination is to have lots of unique characters. Larger studios solve […]

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Choosing a Unity UI Framework: Comparing Scaleform, NGUI, and Coherent

Joe Mukai

We started prototyping World Zombination using Unity’s built-in UI but quickly needed to find a better solution to meet our PAX Prime demo deadline. We looked for a UI framework that would be quick to implement, easy for our small team to work with given our tight […]

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Free HUGS!

In my last post, I discussed why Proletariat chose to use Haxe and Unity together to build World Zombination. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the Haxe library we built that allows you to write Unity code: HUGS. We’re making it freely available on GitHub so […]

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Choosing a development stack for World Zombination

This is the first in a series of technical posts about our development choices and process at Proletariat. TL; DR: If you want to write code once and run it on multiple platforms, check out Haxe. We’ll also be releasing many of our internal tools and source […]

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