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Happy World Zombination Updatesgiving!

Kristen Mukai

This World Zombination Updatesgiving, we’re thankful for: This new World Map, which makes it easy to access guild raids, missions, world events, and PvP from one easy location: …and the new Campaign UI, which shows us our progress as we work toward Survivor and Infected rewards, including […]

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WZ Rig Update: Textures for everyone!

Sterling Reames

Thank you all for showing interest in the World Zombination character animation rig! Over the last year, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback, and we’ve heard you loud and clear. That’s why we’ve decided it’s time to give the people what they want…TEXTURES!!!! Also worth mentioning is […]

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Real Talk: Games Are Hard To Make

Seth Sivak

At Proletariat, we have done our best to be as transparent and open as possible with our community about the development of World Zombination. That is why I want to spend a little time explaining why our next major release (which we’ve been calling 2.0) has taken […]

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Thanks, Boston FIG!

This past weekend, we packed up our bags and went all the way to the Boston Festival of Indie Games (which was actually just down the street from our office). We demoed World Zombination at the festival last year, but both the game and the event have […]

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The next evolution of the Proletariat community

Gordon Ryan

The Proletariat forums are live! Be sure to check it out and get in on the discussions after you take a look at this post. There are two requisite elements in gaming: the game and the player. Without one, the other is irrelevant. Obviously, we’re very serious […]

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