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Custom, game-agnostic Streamote tools for broadcasters

Custom, game-agnostic Streamote tools for broadcasters

We’re excited to introduce some new Streamote features that allow you to create your own custom voting, betting, and bingo—no matter what you’re streaming! Many of you have told us that you love Streamote’s functionality (no more cluttered Twitch chat!), but wish you could use it for more than just your Streamline broadcasts. Now you can!

Want your community to bet on how long it will take before you rage quit Dark Souls, vote on what you’ll be social eating, or duke it out for currency (and bragging rights!) in bingo? Then this is the feature you’ve been waiting for. It’s already live, so simply login to your dashboard and select “Custom” in the left column to get started!

Custom Streamote Guide

We made a quick run-through of what you’ll be able to do with the new Streamote tools. Check out the GIF below or download it as a PDF.


There are more custom tools in development, so be sure to keep an eye out! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your ideas and feedback about how we can continue improving Streamote. Shoot us an email at any time, or chat with the devs on the Proletariat Discord.

Let the custom Streamote shenanigans commence!

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