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Scientific Method and Game Design

Seth Sivak

Scientific Method and Game Design

Last night I gave a talk at the Boston Post Mortem meetup covering a topic that I think is very important to how Proletariat designs and builds games. The core of the talk walks through three examples of specific features that we built during the development, beta, and live operation of World Zombination and covers, in detail, the process we use at Proletariat. This process is based off the Scientific Method that most children learn in school but applies it to Data Driven Design for game development.


The steps of the process are straightforward but the challenge is training the team to be diligent and critical when designing the game. This is not to say that analytics and metrics are a magical crystal ball that can make design decisions for a team; that is simply not true. A bad game can never be optimized to be good. Games need to have a soul and designers need to have skill and creativity when solving problems. Game design is all about solving problems— namely, choosing which problems to solve and finding the exact solution. What Data Driven Design provides is a more structured mechanism for ensuring that the team is trying to solve the right problems and that their solutions actually work.

In a later blog post, I will expand on this methodology and the lessons we have learned developing our Data Driven Design skills, but for now you can check out the presentation slides here.

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