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World Zombination Tools Roundup

Seth Sivak

World Zombination Tools Roundup

The Boston Unity Group presentation can be found here
Our web-based Unity console tool (CUDLR) is here
Our library for using Haxe and Unity (HUGS) can be found here

image1On Tuesday, April 14, Dan Ogles and I gave a talk at the Boston Unity Group monthly meeting. We were asked to present a few weeks ago and I wanted to take the opportunity to cover the more technical side of how we do things at Proletariat. This presentation is entirely focused on the tools—both externally made and made in-house—that we used to build and run World Zombination.

After doing this talk it seemed like a good time to do a quick round up of all of our tools, including some that we give away for free!

The talk starts by discussing some of the interesting ways that we use Unity, focusing mostly on our choice to use Haxe (read why we chose Haxe and use our library for using Haxe with Unity) and our use of a custom data format we call template (see how templates work).

Then we go into tools, starting with Jenkins (which we have never done a blog post about, but maybe we should?), continuing on with NGUI (here’s why we chose NGUI and a fix we made for depth sorting), and then rolling into our more custom tools. In that bunch, we have our lighting tool, custom asset bundler, sound editor, character sprite animation editor (see how we started with Sprite Manager 2), encounter editor, and map generator. We wrapped it up with a demo of our console utility called CUDLR and live debugging tools.

At Proletariat we take tools seriously and try to share them with the wider industry whenever we can. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, shoot us an email.


Seth Sivak

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