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How to stream and make YouTube videos from an iPad or mobile device in 3 easy steps

Kristen Mukai

How to stream and make YouTube videos from an iPad or mobile device in 3 easy steps

Hey Internet!

A big part of how we communicate with players and spread the word about World Zombination is through Twitch and YouTube. We are lucky to have the support of great streamers and YouTubers, as well as connect with players through our own videos.

Streaming and recording a game from a mobile device is not as simple as it is with a game on your computer, and I get asked all the time about different ways to do this. For that reason, I’m writing this step-by-step guide on how to stream from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

As a disclaimer, this is in no way expert level info! This is just what I’ve learned from my experience with Twitch and YouTube.

Let’s start with an example of a game you can stream, like, say, World Zombination. First, you have to get the game on your iOS or Android device. Sweet. Once you have the game, follow these easy steps!

1. Set up your broadcasting software

We use a great free program called XSplit, which allows you to arrange several inputs (device, desktop, webcam, microphones, etc.) all in one scene in addition to providing the ability to switch quickly between multiple customized scenes. From XSplit, you can stream directly to Twitch or record to your hard drive and upload to YouTube. Unfortunately, XSplit is PC only, so if you use a Mac, check out Open Broadcaster. It’s also free and though I haven’t used it, I have heard good things about it.

2. Mirror your device to your computer

There are two main ways to do this, using hardware or software. We use hardware, which is a good option for anyone who wants to stream and make high-quality videos regularly. However, there is a cost to get set up, and if you are looking for a free option to get started, software is a better choice for you.

The hardware portion of this setup is a video capture device, like the Elgato Game Capture HD, which currently runs from about $135 to $150. You will also need an adapter to connect the HDMI cable from the Elgato to your iPad or device, like this one, which will run you about $40. Using this setup with your broadcast software will allow you to treat your device as a video source and easily stream or record.

For the software only method, I can recommend two programs with free trials and cheap licenses, Airserver and Reflector. Once you have mirrored your device to your desktop, you can select the screen region and use it as a source in your broadcasting software.

The software only route is better for YouTube than for Twitch, because I have heard from streamers that using software to mirror your device to your desktop at the same time you are live streaming to Twitch can result in laggy, lower-quality streams.

3. Set up additional inputs like a webcam, microphone, and custom frames

Polishing your setup will add quality to your videos and streams. Here is an example of what our XSplit setup looks like:


On the bottom left, you can see our sources. The bottom right has our different saved setups. 

We are able to set up multiple saved templates for different streams, and overlay images and cameras. Now you’re ready to stream, record, and post videos!


We have another easy way to make videos: in-game recording with Kamcord support!

This option is specifically for World Zombination, and is one of the ways we’re trying to help YouTubers build their channels. After you complete a mission, you’ll notice the “Watch” button. This will let you replay a video of the mission, add voice overlay, and upload to your YouTube channel, all from within the app. We are still working on improving this feature but it is a great way to easily create World Zombination videos!

We also have the Stream Team as a way to get involved and earn rewards for your videos! If you are interested, please sign up using the link. New and experienced content creators are welcome, and we can help you get beta access if you need it.

If you have a different setup that works well for you, please share it here! I’m always looking to learn more about streaming and recording mobile games.

Thanks for reading, and please check us out on Twitch and YouTube!

Kristen Mukai

  1. Hi. I am the team leader for the Kamcord gaming team and our team would like to start producing Zombination content. The game is awesome! The addition to Kamcord was greeted with excitement! However, all of our members have the same problem; the “watch” button is grey. This appears to be the case on my iPhone 4s, my iPhone 5, and my teammates’ iPad 3. These are all pretty capable devices. How do we set up our devices for Kamcord uploading?

    • Hey, Nick! I have the exact same problem… Does it mean we can’t participate in the Epic Contest this weekend…?

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