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The CUDLR that which cuddles at midnight!

The CUDLR that which cuddles at midnight!

Today, we’re releasing CUDLR (Console for Unity Debugging and Logging Remotely) on GitHub (a free Unity Asset Store release is coming shortly). CUDLR is the second in a line of open-source libraries for working with Unity (the first being HUGS). CUDLR gives you a remote debug console for your Unity projects so you can use your development machine’s screen and keyboard to interface with your project running on its target device.

imageOne of the first things invariably written during a new project is the debug console. It allows you to test new features before a UI has been made for them or to use debug commands to perform actions outside of the normal game flow (giving thousands of resources, spawning monsters, and so on). imageWhen we started World Zombination, we quickly threw a console together. Things were good for a few months.

But then we started deploying to our mobile devices… We were stuck using tiny keyboards to enter long command strings. We had to squint at the little screens and try to scroll to read long stack traces or debug spew. Things were suddenly not so good.


Enter the CUDLR.

Once integrated into a Unity project, CUDLR runs a webserver on your target device to which you can connect a standard web browser. Through the browser, you can see debug messages and stack traces from your device and enter commands to run. Since it’s just a web page, you’ll have all of the normal functionality that you’d expect (copy/paste, standard keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-a and ctrl-e, changing the theme or layout via HTML/CSS, etc), along with debug console specific features like tab completion for commands and a command history.


CUDLR currently supports iOS, Android, and the Unity Editor with PC/Mac support coming soon.

It’s on GitHub now (and the Unity Asset Store when it’s approved), along with instructions on how to integrate and use it in your own projects. If you find any issues, have any questions, or want to extend its functionality, have at it!

Let us know what you think of CUDLR.

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