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Proletariat is a Boston-based startup built by game-industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, Media Molecule, and Insomniac. We lovingly handcraft engaging gaming experiences, focusing on creating great multiplayer games. Like the original revolution, Proletariat rises up to wrest game development from big industry and return it to the people—and we’re looking for some awesome people to help us do it!

Even if you don’t see a specific role for you, we’re always happy to receive job inquiries from talented people who are interested in working for us. Proletariat is a well-funded, venture-backed startup that offers attractive salary, benefits, and equity for qualified candidates. Contact if you are interested in joining the revolution!

For more information, meet our team and check out our current projects: World Zombination, a tower defense MMO named “Editor’s Choice” on the App Store that features massive zombie hordes, and Streamline, our currently in-development multiplayer action game that is the first in a new genre of Stream First games that uses live streaming as a platform and pushes the frontier of audience interaction.

Job Categories:



Proletariat is currently looking for an on-site, full time Animator who can create gorgeous animations of 3D characters, props, cameras, and other visual effects. The ideal candidate loves bringing digital visuals to life in motion, has a portfolio of great work to prove it, is skilled at collaborating and communicating with team members from other disciplines, and loves taking ownership on projects. Applicants should submit a resume and current portfolio of work. Qualified applicants may be expected to complete a small animation test.


  • Create and integrate hand-keyed, game-ready animation.
  • Work with game editor tools to create blended animation sequences and other high quality animated effects.
  • Collaborate with our Art Director, 3D Artists, Game Designers, and Software Engineers to build beautiful animation that meets gameplay challenges, technical requirements, and deadline constraints.


  • 3+ years of professional 3D animation experience.
  • Demonstrated expertise in animation principles including squash and stretch, timing and motion, anticipation, staging, weight, and appeal.
  • Experience animating body mechanics and facial acting.
  • Experience rigging characters, retargeting skeletons and animation, and using blendshapes in Maya.
  • Strong understanding of creating real-time animation content for video games. Must be able to apply basic concepts of algebra and geometry.
  • Experience working in an iterative, agile environment with limited models of standardization.
  • Excited to improve visual skills and learn new techniques and applicable technology.
  • Self-directed, receptive to critique and feedback.
  • Enjoys playing a wide variety of games.

Bonus points:

  • Experience with highly technical aspects of animation in Maya (sophisticated character rigging, mel/python scripting).
  • Experience with Unreal development tools.
  • Experience with 2D animation.
  • Game development experience.

UX/UI Designer

Proletariat is currently looking for a UX/UI Designer who can set a high bar for design and usability in all of our products including mobile-first applications, games, and web. The ideal candidate designs and creates clean, functional, playful designs, has a portfolio of great work to prove it, is a skilled communicator and loves taking ownership on projects. Applicants should submit a resume and current portfolio of work. Qualified applicants may be expected to complete a small design test.


  • Collaborate with our Art Director, Game Designers, Software engineers, and Product Managers to shape ideas and prototype.
  • Create style guides and UI libraries to ensure interface and design consistency.
  • Design and build beautiful, clean interfaces for mobile, web, and games.
  • Incorporate internal and user feedback to iterate on design solutions.


  • 3+ years of experience designing beautiful interfaces.
  • Expertise in using color, style, iconography, web typography, information design, and visual hierarchies.
  • Experience building with CSS/HTML.
  • Experience in pixel perfect and responsive design development.
  • Experience working in an iterative, agile environment.
  • Self-directed, receptive to critique and feedback.
  • Excited to improve visual skills, learn new techniques, and applicable technology.
  • Enjoys playing a wide variety of games.

Bonus points:

  • Knowledge beyond CSS/html like javascript or jQuery would be super sweet.
  • Experience with incorporating user testing.
  • Experience with Unity/Unreal development tools.
  • Game development experience.


Build and Release Engineer

Proletariat is seeking a Build and Release Engineer to join the team of our current game in development, Streamline. This individual will work closely with Engineering, QA, and Art teams and will be responsible for automating the build and deployment of our products in multiple environments. We are looking for someone who is a detail-oriented perfectionist, with experience designing, maintaining, and optimizing build and deploy systems.


  • Maintain and optimize tools to automate the build, test, and deployment of software in an agile development environment.
  • Own and maintain scripts to deploy our products and services to multiple environments, including production.
  • Collaborate with development teams to make sure all build and deployment needs are met.
  • Build dashboards to provide visibility into the health of environments.
  • Document the build and release processes and train development teams in how to use the tools effectively.


  • 3 years build and release management experience.
  • Professional experience working as a DevOps, Build and Release Engineer.
  • Experience with Jenkins or other continuous integration systems.
  • Experience with Ant, Make, or other build tools.
  • Experience with Git, Perforce, or other source control management systems.
  • Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or other cloud providers.
  • Skill with scripting languages: Bash, Python, Ruby.
  • Skill with Chef or Puppet or other configuration management tools.

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Docker.
  • Experience with Git LFS.

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