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Proletariat is a Boston-based startup built by game-industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, Media Molecule, and Insomniac. We lovingly handcraft engaging gaming experiences, focusing on creating great multiplayer games. Like the original revolution, Proletariat rises up to wrest game development from big industry and return it to the people—and we’re looking for some awesome people to help us do it!

Even if you don’t see a specific role for you, we’re always happy to receive job inquiries from talented people who are interested in working for us. Proletariat is a well-funded, venture-backed startup that offers attractive salary, benefits, and equity for qualified candidates. Contact if you are interested in joining the revolution!

For more information, meet our team and check out our current projects: World Zombination, a tower defense MMO named “Editor’s Choice” on the App Store that features massive zombie hordes, and Streamline, our currently in-development multiplayer action game that is the first in a new genre of Stream First games that uses live streaming as a platform and pushes the frontier of audience interaction.

We are not actively seeking to fill any specific positions at Proletariat at this time. Please check back later for new opportunities!

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