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What to expect in World Zombination 2.0

As many of you know, we have been working on a substantial update to the World Zombination beta, which we’re calling 2.0. Last time we implemented major changes, beta players who were partially through the quest line or accustomed to the previous version of the game had […]

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Gordon Ryan

The next evolution of the Proletariat community

The Proletariat forums are live! Be sure to check it out and get in on the discussions after you take a look at this post. There are two requisite elements in gaming: the game and the player. Without one, the other is irrelevant. Obviously, we’re very serious […]

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Heroes of the Funpocalypse

If you’ve been watching our Friday development streams, or following us on Facebook, then you’re well aware of the work that’s been going into the new Hero characters Destrucktor and Dr. Zombiwitz. These “funpocalypse” heroes are great for narrative grounding, kick ass when slotted into players’ team […]

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Check out “Zombies Are So Dead” on Medium

In this week’s blog post, Seth talks about his initial aversion to zombies, the opportunities taking on a huge theme like that lends to a game, dealing with criticism from players, and how we’ve turned World Zombination into something new. We posted it on Medium so that […]

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Kids These Days

Hi Internet, I’m Lauren, and I work as an artist here at Proletariat. Recently, Kristen and I had the chance to attend the Computer Clubhouse Teen Summit at the Museum of Science. So what does that all mean? The Computer Clubhouse is an international community of 100 […]

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