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World Zombination July Update

Hey Everyone, A lot has changed since I last checked in, and beta players have a lot of questions about the new changes they’re seeing in the game. I’d like to address those questions here, as well as give an update on what’s new and what’s coming […]

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Seth Sivak

It takes a village…

At the end of this post, you can find the latest Harmonix podcast where we talk about our new office. With exciting changes and new additions, we recently outgrew our shared office space at Intrepid Labs and decided to move Proletariat into the same office as Harmonix. […]

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Destrucktor Rig Download and Post Mortem

We are excited to release the World Zombination Destrucktor Rig, available for free download here! This is the third character rig from Proletariat (check out the first and second), and definitely one of my personal favorites. Destrucktor is a mech boss driven by one of our original human […]

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QT with QA

Someone asked me during a recent Proletariat Twitch stream what it’s like to do games Quality Assurance (QA). At the time, I was utterly unprepared to answer such a broad question about what I’ve been doing with my life for the past 5 ½ years. So, I […]

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How to Break in to the Games Industry (One Guy’s Opinion)

We get a lot of questions on our Twitch development streams about working in the games industry. Many folks want to know what it’s like to do what we do and even more are interested in how to get a job. While every story is different and advice will […]

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